17 March 2011


Persephone Books are now stocking my Bloomsbury bookplates in their shop on Lamb's Conduit Street, London.

When I was doing research at Charleston for my doctorate, I discovered a large number of bookplates amongst the bookshelves that members of Bloomsbury had designed and made for themselves and for each other. Each of them was so decorative and beautiful, inspiring a delight in the material qualities of the book, that I decided I wanted to make my own.

The resulting design draws inspiration from these Bloomsbury bookplate designs, as well as the domestic decorations at Charleston, and I think that they complement the publications of Persephone Books, with their gorgeous endpapers, rather nicely.


  1. hello anna,

    just saw your mention in vogue so had to check your work out -- i love persephone books! and your designs and work are beautiful!